Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I was standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona...

I hope you all know the song "Take it Easy" by the Eagles. A few weeks ago, Eric texted me a hint of where we were going to go on vacation that weekend. The text said, "Take it Easy by The Eagles". I sang through the song and figured it out -- WINSLOW, AZ. Neither of us had ever been there before. We actually didn't spend much time in Winslow, but we made sure to get our pictures taken on "The Corner" in Winslow, AZ.
Our plan was to sleep in our tent, and even though it was FREEZING we still should have. Once we decided that we'd stay in a tent, due to the inclement weather, I wanted the cheapest one possible! Eric told me we could stay at the motel we were currently parked at or we could drive a few minutes to nicer hotel (which would cost more). I decided we would stay at the cheap motel. Not such a good idea. The place hadn't even been cleaned, I won't go into details, but GROSS!!! And the heater didn't work, so we paid $35 bucks to stay in a dirtier and just as cold place as our tent. The second night we were much smarter, we stayed in our tent a Lake Powell! MUCH better!!!

Now for some Pics...
At the Dam

Cool Ruins, even had a base of a bathtub

There were a ton of old cars out in a field. As Eric was getting in this one, he yelled and jumped back....and then a jack rabbit quickly hopped out of the car! Funny!

Um....don't ever go to this crater. Just look at this picture and you will be equally excited. We spent $15 each to get in to see this crater, formed by a meteor. Oh my BORING!!! All their advertisements make it so you feel justified paying the steep entrance fee. And then you enter, and your ready to leave. So BORING!!!

Ever been to Jack Rabbit, AZ? This is the highlight of the dusty town.

Perhaps the coolest cave I've ever seen. It looks small from the road, but Eric wanted to hike up and check it out. SO amazing! It opens up into a bunch of rooms. I have no clue if this was part of a mine or if it is an old Indian dwelling, either way, it was Fascinating!!

Our Arizona trip was full of adventures and funniness. Thank You Eric for being the best Husband and Friend EVER!!!

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Alison said...

Wow this is awesome that you guys are exploring all the little places. I love doing that in Utah/Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico, and I love seeing all your pictures