Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting so big

Getting ready to go on a walk. She loves her stroller!

Reese is getting so big! Within the last week she has decided that standing on your lap is really fun.

This is Reese's wild look :)

She smiles in response to us talking to her (for the records, Eric recieved the first real smile) and is "talking" more and more herself. It was good to have a baby that did nothing but eat and sleep for the first little bit, just so we could get used to the whole parent thing, but now it is SO fun to have her be more interactive. It is VERY rewarding when she stares at your eyes and smiles while you talk to her. When she was first born I was kind of sad when I realized she didn't know I existed except when she wanted to eat, but now I can tell that she recognizes when I'm around - and I LOVE it!!

Reese likes her space. Though she loves to be held and played with when she is awake, she has become more picky about her sleeping time. When she is ready to nap, she doesn't want the distraction of mom or dad's arms moving around unexpectedly, she'd rather be burrito wrapped and set in her swing or layed down somewhere that won't disturb her with unpatterned movement. Last night was different, and I treasured it for the moment. She fell asleep while I was holding her and when I layed her in her crib she started crying. When I picked her up she calmed right down and fell right back to sleep. When I tried laying her in her crib again, the same thing happened, and once again, when I picked her up she was just fine. It was quite a sweet moment for me - weird I know - but it was fun to have her want me. So we snuggled for a while. I love my girl!


MEG said...

Wow, she HAS grown so much! Axton likes to be left alone to sleep too. It makes me so sad. I actually hope he is one of those 3 year olds that comes into the bedroom in the middle of the night - he needs to make up for lost baby snuggle time!

I love your pictures. She is such a girly girl - too cute!

Lindsey S. said...

Isn't it crazy how fast they grow! She is adorable and she's got lots of hair. What a sweetie! Its so sweet that she wants you. Bailey is the same way. She has definitly become a mama's girl.

Michelle said...

She is such a doll and growing so fast...gosh time flies. Lets catch up soon for dinner, eh. Its our turn to feed you guy!! We sure love you guys! xoxo

The Taylors said...

I love her!
You can tell from the second to last picture that her little thighs are getting a little chunky.... well chunky for Reese (she is still so little)! ONce again I can see her tongue popping through on many of the pictures... I think that's her signature look! I love her wild look.... her hair is so adorable!
So yeah pretty much Reese makes me more baby hungry than anything out there!

jenna marie said...

what a sweet girl!!! wish quinn had the cuddling problem :) he wants to be held always!!! when is her two month? how much do you think she weighs now?

jenna marie said...

can't wait to hear the news :) how is she sleeping for you?!

Tab & Nate said...

So stinkin Cute! I loved seeing you at Whitney's shower! You look great and your baby is adorable.