Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines was oh so sweet!

For Valentine's Day I secretly wanted to spend my time somewhere warm. Of course the weather anywhere within 11 hours only had highs of 50's, so I was trying to come to grips with the fact that I wouldn't be going anywhere warm. Eric, somehow knew I needed some warmth, and like usual, totally outdid himself and found the only warm place in the continental US to take me to. Corpus Christi, TX. SO fabulous! I'd never been to Texas!Luckily Monday was a holiday, but even though we had an extra day, traveling all the way to the south-eastern coast of TX took a lot of driving. About 3300 miles round trip, which is a LOT! Eric and I love roadtripping, and thankfully Reese seems to share our passion :) She was a CHAMP!!! Every 3 hours I'd feed her and change her diaper and then she'd be happy for another 3 hours - she works just like a swiss clock, and is SO chill!!
Eric and Reese chilling in the tent after waking up from an AMAZING nights sleep on Padre Island beach.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather by taking a nice morning stroll along the beach

Let's go fly a kite - it was very windy!

Rollerblading on the boardwalk

We got some good southern eats for our Valentine's dinner

Froglegs were the specialty. (Disclaimer: Does NOT taste like chicken! It actually tastes like really watery, flavorless meat! And looks freakishly similar to the anatomy of a human leg.)

We were excited when we saw wild hogs, spotted deer, and a smashed armadillo - but who would have thought that we'd see Zebras?? We were driving along the highway, which is lined with ranches containing horses, and cows - you know, animals you expect to see in the U.S. of A, and all of a sudden Eric says "I think I just saw some Zebras", sure enough! Oh, and the same field also contained a couple Ostriches. HA!

Um... the original Ghostbusters' vehicle?? Texas really is full of surprises!

Davey Crockett Monument - not too impresive, but whatever, picture worthy

Reese "driving". Notice that the door is open and we are stopped at a gas station!! We would NOT drive without her safely strapped in her carseat! HONESTLY!!

Family Pic at a cool shed in New Mexico or Colorado (somewhere on the way home)

Moab-ish area
Well that is a short summary of our trip. We packed a whole lot into a short time and it was SO fun! I definitely needed the break from the frigid winter wonderland we call home!! The two nights spent camping in our tent, were the best nights of sleep I've had since Reese was born - oh how I needed that! Eric, thanks for knowing what I needed and being my best friend! There's no one I'd rather talk to in a car for 28 hours straight - times 2 :) Happy Valentine's!!


MEG said...

Nakita you amaze me. I did a road trip when Axton was a baby, but I sure as hell didn't sleep in a tent!!!! You are one tough cookie. Isn't it nice though to feed Reese whenever and wherever you need to? Aaaah I miss those days.

I got a girl's Nike watch at club that I want you to have. I think it's perfect for you because we had that conversation about watches before I left. You need it more then I do because you are all athletic and take your baby girl tent camping and such. When would I ever use it? - I don't plan on jogging or camping any time soon :)

So now I have an excuse to come and see you for lunch - I need to give you the watch. When can Kristy, Emily, and I come up to Heber to make the delivery? lol.

Cason and Marie said...

What a fun romantic Valentines Day! Just you and your hubby and your baby, and a warm place. I love the picture of Reese driving! So cute! and are her toesies painted? Too Cute!!

emily said...

Nakita, I'm so jealous you took a road trip to the warm weather! Spring can't come fast enough and I've been dying for anything above 40 degrees.

I love all of your pictures and I'm so glad you got to take a trip! We need to see each other again soon! Love ya!

The Taylors said...

I love the picture of Reese driving....haha her profile is so cute. It looks like you guys had fun.... so adventurous.. and it looks like Reese is going to fall right into your footsteps.
So fun!
Thanks for visiting me the other day!

Terra said...

How freaking awesome! Travis told me about your guys' "little" trip. Those are some amazing pics and I am totally jealous. I LOVE that fam pic in front of that COOL old building. what a fun trip to remember! See you soon.

Lindsey S. said...

You guys do such fun things! I wish we could pick up and leave like that. I feel law school will never end.. especially because it just began! haha

Rachel and Todd said...

Fun!! You have just reminded me how awesome road trips are. We definitely need to go on one. I love that you just packed up and went. Way to be spontaneous. :)

Michelle said...

I am so glad you guys got out to somewhere the pics. It was sooooo good to see you 3 the other night at the hospital THANK YOU BOTH so much for making dinner and taking the time to bring it down to was so yummy to have a warm meal. we sure love you guys!

em ♥ russ said...

your baby is here! i can't believe it, so cute.

thanks for your comments like 2 weeks ago-- so sweet!

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

You guys are so fun. What a great way to spend the weekend. jacob and I love roadtrips... they are just a little different now! Your next trip needs to be up here (although we are no where near warm!)love and miss you guys

Kayla R. said...

OMG you got your hubby on Rollerblades!!! totally jealous* ha ha well I am so excited to try out those hot pots next time!!! Thats awesome:)

jenna marie said...

oh my gosh you are brave. i in no way shape of form could do this. hats off to you mamma!