Thursday, March 12, 2009

Swimmin' Swimmin' Just Keep Swimmin'

Last night we went to the pool with our friends the Naffziggers. It was such a blast! Reese LOVED it! When she kicks her legs it is much like a cricket, her inner ankles hit against each other. She kicked like this the whole time she was floating around in the pool. Disclaimer: I had to paint the purple medicine on Reese's lips again, that is why she may look cold. The water was actually really warm and she didn't get cold at all.

The Naffziggers
Looking darling in the swimsuit I wore when I was a baby
Eric and Travis had more fun with the play gym than any of the kids there.

Reese LOVED floating around in the pool!
The slide is SO much fun - you can get going so fast!
Reese kicked her legs for probably an hour straight in the pool and tuckered herself out


jenna marie said...

oh my gosh...what fun! i'll have to take Q to do this!

Alison said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! It's great Reese took to the water so well. Maybe she'll be on swim team when she's older :).

Kayla R. said...

OOOOOHHHH HOW FUN!!! cute pics:) you look sooooo GOOD, you did not just have a baby...holy cow!

Sierra Prina said...

Where did you go? That looks fun. She is too cute BTW!

Megano said...

Hmm She is a doll.. but how the freak are you in a swimsuit alreay?! Well done... I'm forever jealous.... kz I KNOW I'll be the size of a small but rather plump rino....That swim suit is so CUTE on her!

Lindsay said...

SOOO CUTE! How fun! Lets go running with our strollers this summ!