Thursday, June 4, 2009

I cried

I don't cry much, but when I do it is usually because I've had it up to here {my hand bent horizontally and my arm streched as far above my head as I can reach}. It all started last fall when I went to the registrations/admissions offices at BYU and filled out some forms to defer for Winter semester (since I'd be having a baby) and I told them I'd be registering for classes in the Spring.

All was good until I tried registering for Spring and none of the classes I have left (only 5 - thank heavens) were offered. I made a few phone calls, told them my scenario, asked if I should come in to fill out another deferal. I was told that I did NOT need to come in and that everything was taken care of - as long as I registered for classes next fall semester there would be no registration problems.

So a month ago I tried registering for fall classes, there was a hold on my record because I needed to turn in another ecclesiastical endorsement (much to my surprise since I just filled one out a few months prior to defer). Well with camping, other church meetings, etc, I only just got the endorsement done and faxed in at the beginning of this week. So I tried registering for classes, now that there is no hold on my record, and what happens....."You are not eligible to register for classes for this semester. Please call the registration office 422-...."

Now I'm confused. So I call, I'm told that whoever told me everything was taken care of and that as long as I registered for fall everything would be okay, was WRONG! So the gal says, "I'll transfer you to the admissions office and they can fix that right away." I wait on the line for a few minutes, listening to annoying crackly symphony music, finally someone answers. I now tell this girl the deal and ask if she will fix it. "We can't just fix that. You'll have to talk to a counselor." OH MY FREAK - why did I listen to the brainless girl at the beginning of the year!! So tomorrow a counselor will be calling me, I sure hope he can clear this up so I don't have to re-apply to BYU! Oh, if that happens, I won't cry, I will BAWL!

Now for some happy news:

- I got $1000 worth of work out equipment (free weights, weight stand, and bench) for $70 at a garage sale last weekend. This makes me happy because now I can mix up my cardio with a little weight lifting - tone the upper bod - oh hallelujah....and because I saved a whole heck of a lot of money :)


Ceci and Steven said...

I'm frustrated for you about the school thing! I hate it when they give you the runaround and no one has it straight! Good luck with that!

The Taylors said...

Oh my heck Nakita that happened to me twice at BYU! They are so annoying! When I went to Ukraine that happened.. they claimed to have never gotten my deferment papers.. and I had to re-apply. Then when I deferred this semester because of Tula I turned in my papers a month in advance bc I was so nervous about it. Then like 2 months later I got a prompting that I should call and make sure everything was on record, recorded and good. And sure enough.. they never got my papers! What the heck! I had literally dropped them in the drop box... HOW COULD THEY'VE LOST THEM? So I had to re-submit them. But because it was just over the deadline they said it was fine. What the heck. BYU has issues in this area! I'm scared for anyone who has to defer. No guarantee.

The Taylors said...
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Terra said...

Love that house ;) I'm so sorry about the stupid school thing! That sucks so bad. I hope the phone call goes good tomorrow!! PS I LOVE those pictures that you took of Reese - she is so big, such a sweet girl.

MEG said...

Ug, I don't understand BYU sometimes. I went through hell too just trying to graduate. When I finally got the diploma in the mail I cried - not because I was proud of myself for being finished, but because I couldn't believe they actually FINALLY sent it to me!