Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We got home last night from our 3 weeks of babysitting. It feels nice to be home. I'm no longer living out of duffle bags, I have a larger selection of clothes, shoes and makeup.

I had to do a LOT of putting away today. Still not done. I also had to do a big grocery shopping trip. Everything was expired in our fridge. I forgot to buy bread - DOH!

This morning I asked Reese to throw Ivan's diaper in the garbage. It took her a minute to remember where that was. She was excited to see all her toys, books, and her favorite bed - which I am going to post a picture of soon. Eric made her the COOLEST bed for her birthday! It really is amazing!

I have a lot of mail to sort through, laundry to be done, and tidying to complete. Then I might find some time to catch up on my blog.


Lindsey S. said...

you are wonder women. I couldn't babysit for that long, especially with two of your own. That's incredible.

Kristen Sundell said...

I bet it does feel good to be home. So are you coming with the guys down here? I am guessing you are but I wasn't positive.

Whitney Taylor said...

holy! 3 weeks?!! I hope they paid you.. haha.