Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So we're babysitting for a total of 20 days! We're on day 7. Two different families (each for 10 days), parents going on vacations to warm destinations, while we drop kids off at the bus stop in -16 degree weather = BURR!

Right now we're back in good old Heber, hanging out with the kids of one of our favorite families from our old ward. I miss our home. I can see it from the living room window. I talked to our tenants at church on Sunday, slightly jealous that they were cozying up to our fireplace this winter, and enjoying the bright stars from the hot tub on a freezing cold night. Slightly may be an understatement.

Whenever I stare out the window at it I can't help but reminisce in memories of Eric and I: young, engaged, going to see the house, buying it, then coming home early from our honeymoon simply because we couldn't wait to live together in our very own house. Driving up the dirt roads to our cozy home after a long day at work and school. The smells. Shoveling the crazy amounts of snow on our very long driveway to try to send myself into labor. Then learning how to sanely spend numerous hours inside that sweet little house once we brought our new baby girl home in the dead of winter and I got the blessing of staying home with her. Making the house ours. Spending our evenings together building a porch and swing then building a greenhouse. Hosting numerous dinners, sleepovers, and parties. Oh the memories.

I miss our ward. Going there last Sunday so felt like home. We were back in our comfort zone. It was great seeing so many people we love, that have known us from our existence as Mr. and Mrs. Ellis.

Maybe someday we'll be back :)


Terra said...

You better come back... :)

Michelle said...

Oh how I MISS the old ward sooooooooo much too! I often think about everyone up there, how good they were to us, how welcome I always felt and 'at home'...I am jealous you get to go back more frequently! :) Our ward down here is nice, it's my 'old ward' from over a decade ago but miss everyone up there sooo much. I am so glad you guys stopped in to see Kurt. He said it was such a nice visit and was so happy he caught up with you guys!!

Kayla R. said...

WOW you are Wonder MOM!!!! I am craving summer so bad:)