Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker was our final destination, where we'd spend the next 4 nights. It was A-Mazing!
The island's modes of transportation include walking, biking, or driving in a golf cart. We saw one truck on the island, moving some lumber, and something explaining that if you wanted to bring a car onto the island, you have to go through a big approval process. One of the street signs said, "We have 2 cemeteries and no hospital on this island." Apparently the golf carts sometimes run people down. Our snorkel guide's son was one of those people, he had to be flown to Belize City to go to the hospital and is now recovering from a broken leg.
 Once again, they make darling babies over their in Belize :)
 Check out the kids all having a bath in the yard. How fun would that be?
 Here we are, having just arrived at our house. It was so so pretty and had a/c in the bedrooms. Sweet relief.
 The roof had some sweet chairs and a bed thing with a net screen surrounding it, which made me feel like royalty. The moon was super red, though you can't tell in the picture.
 During our first (of MANY) walk we were startled by something running by our feet. It was a large crab. There are tons of crabs running around. The blue crabs are considered the land crabs, which a boy, named Peter, informed us they don't eat - some are VERY blue. Though the crabs typically run from you, you still have to be on the watch since there are so many.
 We found a fun place to eat. We had an amazingly good fish burger, chopped steak sandwich, and fries. There fries really are so good - thick and crispy. I ordered a watermelon liquado, which the waiter told me was really good. It tasted just like watermelon, problem was that they blended the seeds with it and I'm not a huge fan of watermelon seeds. Mine however was better than Rachel's drink. She ordered grapefruit juice, which tasted just like 409, or so I suspect.

 While walking down the street, Eric picked up one of the crabs. Mind you he grew up on Vancouver Island and has picked up trillions of crabs. A man next to him started chewing him out, telling him to be careful, and that he'd hurt Eric if the crab hurt the baby. He told us that he was once pinched by a crab and that it hurt so bad that he couldn't even get tears to come out of his eyes. I loved his concern for Ivan and just laughed at his distrust in Eric.
 Swings aren't for swinging? Go figure.
 LOVE the signage everywhere.
 Walking down the street.

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