Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saying goodbye to Belize

Most mornings we enjoyed banana bread for breakfast. Their banana bread is to die for delicious! The previous morning we had banana bread and meat pies for breakfast. We decided that was our breakfast of choice for our last morning in Belize, except twice as much as we ate the day before since it was so divine.

We walked around the streets and beach looking for the banana bread man but couldn't find him. We went into a supermarket and asked if they knew where he was and they informed us that there would be no banana bread today because the island was out of sugar. Bummer! Turned out to be ok though because we found this taco stand and got some yummy beef and chicken tacos for breakfast. Not the tastes I associate with breakfast, but that's ok because it was super tasty and we got to experience a little family's business.

The mom was the one cooking/assembling the food. The dad was out on the street advertising for the business and telling people to come get some yummy breakfast. The kids were sitting by the side and the youngest in a box - her playpen. I love how family oriented everyone (and all the businesses) seem to be.
 We waited in the shade on the bleachers at the basketball court (where guys have games at night once the sun is down and it cools down a tad) for our water taxi back to Belize City. We enjoyed some mangoes, of course, and Eric chatted it up with this Spanish speaking couple visiting from Nicaragua, I believe. It was funny because the lady could speak English and was a chatter box (with the man sitting quietly looking down) until Eric said something to the man in Spanish, then the lady continued to be quite the talker, but the husband became equally chatty with Eric. I picked up bits and pieces of what they were saying, but it really made me think that I ought to learn Spanish. It also made me realize that the man I'd first observed as being shy was in actuality just unable to speak in English, but as soon as he was comfortable (by knowing someone spoke his language) he was funny, educated, and totally sociable. Another example of why it is a bad thing to judge.

 Getting on the airplane to Texas.
 Goodbye beautiful Belize! I hope to enjoy your beauty again one day!
We flew to Dallas, where my friends, the Mansells, who were in my ward growing up and I used to babysit for all the time, picked us up. They took us to their house, where we experienced some of the world's best hospitality. It was so fantastic to see them - I miss them terribly! They took us back to the airport the next morning and we excitedly flew back to SLC to be back with our sweet Reese. We were so ready to see her!!


Cason and Marie said...

What an amazing trip! How long were you guys there? Glad you made it home safe. I'm sure you were dying to see Reese! So fun!

Nakita Ellis said...

We were gone for 8 or 9 days in total (a week in Belize + Travel time).

Alison said...

awesome trip. I love how you guys are so adventurous! Also, I would love to hear some advice on leaving your kid home while you go on vacation - we are going to DC for 5 days in October and we're not taking Soren. I'm scared to leave him!