Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bloomington Lake

The last few years, when we go to Bear Lake, our friends' families' annual Bear Lake trips overlap with ours a day or two so we'll see them in town or meet up for a quick get together while we are there. This year both Micah and Rachel's family and the Swanson family had their vacations the same week as us. It was fun getting together to hang out. On Sunday afternoon we were able to go to the Swanson's for Derek and Becky's baby Ruby's blessing.

Later on in the week we met up with Micah and Rachel's family for a trip to Bloomington Lake. You drive north to the town of Bloomington, ID, head up Bloomington Canyon and then hike a short, but beautiful, trail to Bloomington Lake. The lake is cold and has a couple of rope swings into it. Of course as soon as Eric heard the words "rope swing" he was ALL in! I'm glad, because it truly was fun and gorgeous.

 Eric again, mid-backflip
 Rachel's family
 And last, and most importantly, Rachel and her 8 month pregnant belly. I love the way she held her belly as she went into the water. And I also love that she was strong enough to go on a rope swing with the extra belly weight - impressive :)!
This hike will now be part of our annual Bear Lake trip!


Alison said...

I want to go here so badly! But Ethan doesn't. He's saying, DO YOU SEE ALL THAT SNOW?! IT'S COLD!!! Hahahaha .

 Natalie said...

Gah, so fun! PS, loved seeing you the other night.