Friday, September 2, 2011

Farewell concerts in the park

We're sad that the free concerts in the parks are pretty much (or maybe completely) done for the season. We went at least once a week to a concert, sometimes multiple times a week. Now we'll have to find something else to do....maybe start biking again since the weather is cooling a bit.

 At this Twilight Concert Series concert Reese almost got crushed twice by 2 of the 3 fights that took place right in front of our blanket. Luckily I have cat like reflexes :) No worries though, the lady in front of us, with spiky hair and a bandana wrapped around her forehead, took care of one of the fights. She grabbed the 2 guys' heads and hit them together, and then pretended to punch them in the face while cursing at them to get out of there. We had never had problems with fights at the concerts before, but for some reason, this concert drew out the haters....? We ended up scooting back a ways, next to a tree and other blankets with little kids.
 Here is Ivan doing his trick! While at Bear Lake, our friend Jared Swanson showed us the tricks his 15 month old could do, which consisted of standing on Jared's hand and then balancing on a single leg and switching between legs. He said, "let me see Ivan" and lo and behold, Ivan stood on Jared's hand. Eric practices with him. Ivan's pretty great at it and is SO proud of himself. He just giggles and waves his arms while you clap for him.

 Reese enjoys the people watching just about as much as we do. And she TOTALLY grooves to the music. I don't know where she gets her rhythm, but she got it good!

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