Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dew Tour

The night before the Dew Tour, we went to The Gateway to check out a couple stores. We noticed something going on at the Energy Solutions Arena, it was a pre-show for the Dew Tour. By the time we did our Gateway excursion and headed to the arena, the show was over. But.....they did still have free Mountain Dews and tickets to the Dew Tour for the next day.

Eric has 2 favorite sodas, at least that we stock up on regularly. Orange and Mountain Dew. So, of course Eric and I each grabbed a can, and of course Reese had to have a swig (or fifteen) of Eric's in front of the Dew Tour sign...since she doesn't get soda very frequently, but LOVES it!

We got 5 tickets so we invited who else but the two we know are up for most things, even last minute or semi-unorganized things....Micah and Rachel. Rachel was such a good sport walking around so much in the heat with her overdue baby in her belly, which she had 2 days ago! We LOVE that baby!!!!!! I'm afraid I might become annoying with how much I want to see and hold that sweet little thing!

Reese got her first temporary tattoo, ha ha. I don't know that I'm a fan of those these days. I used to buy bazooka bubblegum ALL the time at Day's market, when I was young, so I could get the temporary tattoos inside and put them all over myself. These days permanent tattoos are so "in". We believe that our bodies are special gifts to us from our father in heaven and the leaders of my church have discouraged us from tattooing them. So... I don't want Reese thinking it is ok to ink her body all up. So....this may not only be her first but her last temporary tattoo - we'll see, call me a prude if you must.
 Ivan doing his tricks!

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