Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm goin' to Jackson...

Eric's mom was in Utah for a couple weeks. At the conclusion of her stay we all (Eric, me, Ivan, Reese, David, Nicole, Amber, Eric's mom) met up with Jackson (Eric's dad) in Jackson, WY - yep this post might get confusing with all the "Jackson"s in it. Jackson and Jill's purpose in going was to see the Bar J Wranglers concert. Eric and I decided that the kids might get a little crazy at a long concert, where you are seated the entire time, so we explored Jackson and enjoyed a free concert in the park (I know - typical us and our free entertainment - I LOVE it!!)

This bear was gigantic! I can't even imagine coming face to face with one of these beasts. I could curl up in a ball and fit inside it's head.
 There were lots of cool little shops and allies.
Johnny Cash and June Carter's "Jackson" was in my head the entire time we were on vacation. No worries though, I love that song, and still love that song - not really the story line of the song, but the tune and the voices of both Johnny Cash and June Carter reeling through my mind.
The next morning we headed to Yellowstone. I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone, and this was my first time. Eric guided in Yellowstone for one summer so he was excited to be with me for my first trip there. It did NOT disappoint. I didn't even know how cool it would be. What with all the colorful hot pots, gorgeous forests, fantastic mountain scenes, and Old Faithful. How did I not at least know of all the things Yellowstone was going to offer me?? We definitely need to take another trip there but devote a week or more so we can do some of the hikes.
Oh the Tetons! Fondly reminded me of our week long adventurous journey along the Teton Crest Trail with little Reese in a backpack. While reminiscing, I frequently thought how glad I am that she didn't weigh as much as Ivan did at the same age. Ivan swam with sharks at 6 months, Reese hiked the Teton Crest Trail at 6 months - no big deal :) We have a lot to live up to with any additional kids.
 Some of these pots were boiling! What in the world!! One had even cooked up a nice little mouse - yum.

 Old Faithful. I know I've heard stuff about it, but to be honest, my memory isn't the greatest, because I couldn't remember what exactly it was. I was AMAZED that the geyser, and the predictable nature of it, is all natural. SO neat!
While waiting for Old Faithful, we walked around and hung out in the lodge. It is so intricate - Swiss Family Robinson on major steroids.
There she blows!!
Reese was without a nap and NOT wanting to stand at the edge of the walkway to get her picture taken. You'll thank us one day Reese ;)
The Grand Prismatic Spring - again, super neat, mineral colored, hot pots, though so totally different than the ones we saw earlier.

If real estate wasn't so darn expensive, I think I'd be pushing to move to Jackson - or to Yellowstone - if that was a possibility.

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