Sunday, September 4, 2011

East Canyon

We like to drive. Or rather I like to sit in the seat next to Eric while he drives, and he rather enjoys driving. So, when we have nothing else to do in the evenings we drive. A couple weeks ago we drove up East Canyon. Have you seen the town of Coalville? It is darling! As is Porterville, where we found this gem of an old building - a church, built in 1898.
 East Canyon Reservoir. We didn't get in the evening we drove up, I regret it. Eric, however, drove up here on his motorcycle a couple days later while me and the kids were at Amy's bridal shower. He went for a swim and reported back that the water is rather nice.
 Reese is SO into being a big girl and doesn't want help with anything. She was stressing me out the whole time climbing on the rocks, but kept reassuring me, "mom, I be careful, mom, I be careful".

We sure do live in a beautiful state!


Karenin Jaar Robison said...

you are guys are quite the wilderness explorers!
your pictures make me want to venture out and do fun travels.
your kids are so cute too!

 Natalie said...

So fun. So beautiful! Now I want to go to Coalville, Porterville, and East Canyon Reservoir!