Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Ivan = Shark
Eric = Shark Fisherman
Reese = Sheep
Nakita = Shepherd
 You should have seen me sewing Reese's costume. It was pretty hilarious. I made it the shape and size I thought it would need to be, then I tried it on Reese and cut and sewed different places multiple times to make it fit right. It still wasn't fantastic, but it worked.

Our ward Trunk or Treat was fun, except when they had the kids all line up and go outside together, and by the time I got out to the parking lot I found Reese wandering around trying to find me. One of the parents was dressed as Darth Vader and was next to us as we trick-or-treated through the parking lot. Reese was a little freaked of him and kept squealing and saying "aaah, scary guy!" every time he came near her. Someone had a bubble machine that blew fog filled bubbles - AWESOME!

We went trick-or-treating, on actual Halloween, around my parents' neighborhood. Reese was wiped, tripped before we even got to the first house and then continued to trip periodically and freak out when both Eli and Chelsea weren't holding her hands. She kept saying "I want to go back to papa's house". Next time we'll make sure she's well rested for trick-or-treating so she can enjoy it a little more. Ivan was totally happy about being outside walking around, but then again, he had 2 naps before we went out.

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