Monday, October 31, 2011

Cornbelly's and Carving Pumpkins

We went with Micah, Rachel, and Kaylyn to Cornbelly's this year. Eric and I had never been there but I had heard good reviews. It is like Disneyland, but cheaper, and probably colder. Definitely wonderland for mom's of energy filled kids - that is, if you can keep up with them running from one fun thing to the next. Reese was in heaven with jump houses, slides, wooden trains/tractors,etc that you could climb in and on, electronic animals performing songs (while Reese watched super intently - maybe she thought they were real? - and clapped her hands and kicked her legs excitedly, LOVE this age!), and all the room in the world to run free.
 Princess land was a HIT. I was honestly shocked at how Reese reacted. She ran into the dress up room and picked out a pink princess dress, smiled from ear to ear while looking in a mirror the entire time I was getting her dressed in it, and then ran onto the stage and danced to the princess not for just a minute either. She was SO into it. I thought she'd be bashful since it was only her on stage with us adults just watching her. But no, she was beaming and danced her little heart out. I wish I had had my video camera with me.

 Last week we had the Christensens and David and Nicole up for pumpkin soup and pumpkin carving. Kaylyn is such a good baby - she just chilled and didn't mind Reese's constant doting.
 The sawzall was the best idea of the night. Made short work of cutting the tops off of the pumpkins!
 Wal-mart didn't disappoint once again. ANY pumpkin for $1.80?? Yes please!
 4 of the 6 finished pumpkins. Eric's is the 2nd one from the left - the Grim Reaper. Mine is the one on the right - hello kitty.

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