Saturday, October 29, 2011

September - 1st week in October

Eric went glassing with Taylor prior to the elk hunt. I hear it was bitter cold - sounds like fun ;)
 My sister Aubrey had her 3rd baby. A baby boy named Micah. Reese loves him! It is funny how much she loves babies. She is definitely a born nurturer.
 Speaking of....whenever Ivan is crying hard (due to a reason other than something inflicted purposefully by Reese) Reese wants to hold and comfort him. It is so cute. This picture is of when they were playing next to each other and I hear "Yook mom, I hold Ivan" Sure enough, she had gotten him in front of her and layed him down on her lap.
 Talented Eric made an art easel for Reese. I love when he makes things because we get to design it how we want it. I still haven't put the roll of paper on it, simply because I keep forgetting to order it, but Reese is enjoying drawing, coloring, and painting on it (and me too, since she usually invites me to join her)!

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Cason and Marie said...

Amazing easel! And I love the pic of Reese holding Ivan. He looks almost as big as her. So cute!