Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Our friends, the Kennedys, invited us to their annual friend dirt bike get together in Caineville, UT. Holy! I haven't ever seen such dirt bike enthusiasts. I love dirt biking, but I didn't realize there were other people, like Eric, who LOVE love it and could and would dirt bike all day every day if possible. Eric was in heaven!

We only went for Friday and Saturday, but it was still awesome and we got a lot of riding in. We camped at the "meet up" spot and enjoyed an incredible wind storm during the night. BLAH! I hate wind storms while camping - they seriously freak me out!

 Sadly I didn't get a whole lot of pictures of Eric since I was with the kids when he was riding, or riding along with him once while our friends watched the kids.
The riding is like riding the sand dunes but the ground is hard. Meaning that you can ride up and down most anything, not only on set single track trails. There are tons of places to ride and unlike the sand dunes, can be ridden by all skill levels and all types of bikes. Pretty much the perfect place to take anyone.
 I rode Daniel's bike, since it is faster and more powerful than the bike I normally ride. Daniel, if you read this, your bike worked great, nothing is broken, and don't worry, Eric will insist on taking you dirt biking here the second, ok maybe hour, you get home :)

Eric made us dutch oven biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Stupid me moved the dutch oven at some point in the afternoon and didn't cover all the briquettes with dirt. Reese stepped on them with her bare foot and burned the arch of her left foot (and her pinky finger a bit when she confusedly tried to semi-crawl away) and was out of commission the rest of the day. Standing in the cooler, sitting on chairs with a can of cold soda on her foot, etc. Then, unfortunately, a guy - not with us - cased a double bad! The ambulance came because the guy had a big gash in his head and broke his collar bone, but then he ended up being air lifted out of there. Hillary Kennedy asked the EMTs for burn cream for Reese and brought it back. That made her feel lots better and she was active the last 15 minutes before we had to leave. Poor girl!

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Jeff Prince said...

Nakita, My name is Jeff, I was on that trip with you. (Im Mike and Hillary's friend that hurt my wrist before you guys got there friday. That trip was so much fun!! your description of the terrain is right on, and I can't wait to get back down there again. We need to plan a fall trip!