Thursday, October 20, 2011


Usually I don't blog unless I have pictures to show but by the time I upload pictures I've forgotten details that I would've liked to remember. So....I'm going to start blogging even if I don't have the pictures ready and then upload the pictures later. Annoying? Maybe. But I have a bad memory so I'm going to do it anyway.

The last 3 days + 1 day last week were spent up at our house in Heber. Our tenants decided that they were going to move out, even though their contract goes til next July. As you may imagine, we were worried. Worried about finding new renters, especially finding them with such short notice, etc. Then to throw a wrench in it all, our current renters decided that not only were they going to move out prior to their contract ending, they would also leave the place a disaster, not refill the propane, or replace all the wood pellets that they went through. Let me tell you....AWESOME! Thank goodness for my goal of trying to be Christlike, or else they would've gotten 2 ear fulls from me.

The 2 dog contract turned into 3 (maybe 4) dogs, so the place was nasty. With all the fires that apparently took place on the stove top, in the oven, and in the microwave, I'm just thankful the place was still standing. We scrubbed the place from top to bottom - walls, floors, cupboards, furniture, appliances, etc., re-painted the kitchen and bathroom cupboards, put in new kitchen countertops, fixed dog scratches all over the doors and walls, and did the normal maintenence stuff like re-varnishing furniture, walls, decks, and patios, cleaning windows, etc.

The kids were so good, considering the lack of attention they were getting while mom and dad worked. Reese calls the place her "baby house" since it was the house she lived in as a baby. She was so excited to be up there, play with the neighbor girls, and run free through the yard. We were so grateful for all the help too. My dad and mom came up one evening to play with the kids, dad and Camla came up to help install the countertops and play with kids, and then Camla stayed over with us one night and helped with kids and cleaned a ton. Thanks to them it only took us 4 full days, rather than the 5 or 6 it may have. I wish that others could appreciate the place as much as we do since we put in all the hard working hours to make it nice again. Hopefully future renters will at least appreciate it's niceness and cleanliness.

There are a few more things to do. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned, hot tub needs to be drained and wiped out, and we will need to move some of the furniture out. We have been so blessed in this whole stressful process. Eric and I had a great time working HARD side by side, day after day - it really was rewarding to work non-stop and then at night lay down with completely exhausted bodies thinking about all you got done that day. We got multiple calls to see the place the day we put the ad on KSL and found what seem to be some great renters that will be moving in 1/2 way through November.

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