Friday, August 31, 2012

Fishing and Camping

First of all, I found this picture from a time when Reese was asking me to take her picture so she could see her beautiful long hair. This girl knows how to give herself botoxed lips. She does it often when she feels awkward.
 We went fishing at Lost Creek Reservoir a while back. We enjoyed snacking on the beach and the slightly cooler weather.

 Oh, this boy! I am so in love!
 A few weeks back we went to East Canyon Reservoir to camp. The camp host sent us two different times to three different campsites that were supposed to be vacant, but they weren't. Thanks to their "inconveniencing" us, a.k.a. Eric's charm, she set us up with a cabin. It was a fun change!!
 Ivan woke EARLY!!!
 And then woke Reese up. Thanks little man. So me and the kids headed down to the beach to play in the CHILLY sand!

 When Reese was about a year old I decided I wanted to have another baby fairly soon so that she could have a playmate. Thankfully, little Ivan man came along, and now that he is 1 1/2 they typically have SO much fun together. They definitely know how to push each others' buttons, but most the time they play happily and keep each other entertained. There are SO many moments that I think "now this is what I was hoping for", the times they hold hands, hug, giggle together, or Reese asks him to marry her :)
 Ivan got a little too cold and decided he was done having fun.
 Until daddy let him come over and fish with him.
 Then it was Reese's turn. What a good daddy these two have!

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