Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer 2012 re-cap

Father's Day 2012 - went to church, then met my parents and Camla at upper Bridal Veils park for sandwiches. Blessed with the most amazing fathers in my life. My own dad and Eric!
We've spent a LOT of time at Emily's, but still not enough! I love when all us sisters get together. Seriously, each of these woman are so unique and so amazing! We were only missing Rachel this time. Luckily we'll be seeing her later this week!!
 Hanging out with the Naffzigers. Me, Terra, and the kids go to 7 peaks weekly; but Eric and Travis rarely get to hang out. They invited us up for a birthday party and we so enjoyed their company, as always! Fires were raging over the mountains so the sky was super smoky, the sun - bright pink, and ash was raining out of the sky.

The little men in heaven on the tractors
 T and Ivan. She is SO sweet to him - and obviously he loves her!
 We went to Lake Powell for the fourth of July weekend. The Sundells were kind enough to invite us along. I didn't take many pictures sadly.

We stopped in Page, AZ for the parade on our way to the lake. There was a trailer in the parade that was throwing out full sized stuffed animals to every kid. Some kids ended up with 10 super nice toys. CRAZY! Reese is in love with the Giraffe Eric snagged for her and still sleeps with it every night.
 Riding in the boat to the houseboat to begin our fun filled weekend.
 Eric has been playing on a softball league this Summer. So every Tuesday night we go watch him play and then head somewhere to get a cold treat afterward. This night we chose soft serve at Maverik. The heat made it oh so soft!!
 I had a relief society activity a few weeks back. Eric is the best dad. While I was gone he decided he'd take the kids on a drive to Silver Lake. They hung out there for a while and were all smiles talking about it the next day!

 I LOVE these sweet faces! And I find it really funny that Ivan's head is bigger than Reese's. She is just a petite thing and he is pretty stocky.

As you can kind of see, Ivan has mud crusted hair. I guess he fell off a little bridge into the stream below. Scared Eric, but Ivan wasn't all that phased. Eric was telling me about it and was being apologetic, I thought, oh if you only knew the things that happen on a daily basis while I'm watching them....kids are kids and unless you have them strapped to you they are bound to get hurt. Anyway, I was just glad he took them to make fun memories!

 Eric spotted a rattlesnake while driving back.

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Elizabeth said...

I LOVE IT! "Oh Eric if you only knew!" That exact same phrase comes to my head all the time!