Thursday, May 29, 2014

End of May

Eric's current job is with Utah's Department of Natural Resources, in the division of Wildlife Resources. This year he played in a softball tournament against a different region of DWR. It was fun to travel down with him and watch the game. The kids enjoyed playing at the playgrounds.-

Reese decided to use my pj pants as a onesie :)
 The kids have been having lemonade/cookie sales periodically to raise money for summer activities. It really has been nice. They saved up and bought an inflatable pool, they have bought treats, Reese bought a new helmet, and they put some money towards sports camps and swim lessons. I heard Reese telling her friend the other day that she wants to do swimming lessons so she needs to have another "yardsale" so she can get money for the lessons. I'm hoping to teach the kids about money and responsibility.

Reese and Ivan sit in boosters, so they have learned how to use the seatbelt to hold their heads in place while sleeping in the car.
 Most Sunday afternoons we spend driving somewhere. Many times we end up at lakes where we can fish and enjoy the beauty.

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