Monday, May 12, 2014

May happenings

Eric drawing up more plans.....?

A sunday afternoon drive, always an adventure to be had after church.

 My birthday: Family up, Cafe Rio, German Chocolate Cake and Burnt Almond Fudge ice cream....followed by the flu/mild food poisoning the next day - yippee.
 Snuggles from my babe!

 Just because I love my momma, and found this picture. Isn't she a fox?
 And I found this.....Hello!
 I get a kick out of seeing pictures of big brother Eric snuggling baby brother Dan, mostly because Dan is now the largest of all the brothers, so I forget the big age gap.
 Eric was in a horrible car accident when he was 20. I swear this guy has been saved by angels many times over. He still has some battle wounds and such but it's amazing he can walk as well as he can and function normal.

 This is the project he was drawing up! A shop! and a whole lot of storage space in the lofts!!

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