Monday, December 29, 2008

The Holiday Break

The 25th COVERED us in snow! Tons of fun, but also tons of work for Eric (snowblowing our driveway for 4 hours - BLAH!) We got pretty bored Christmas night so we went and enjoyed the snow covered roads in the pathfinder. Up in the area we live there was like a foot of new snow on the already snow-packed roads, so it was quite the adventure driving up to our friends' cabin. Then we drove into town, delivered some treats, and broke humongous icicles off of a building on Main Street. It made for a really fun date night! On the 26th we had some family and friends up for a slumber party. My sister Aubrey and her family came up and our friend Derek and his lady, Becky. We played games, visited, snacked way too much, and enjoyed each other's company! Eric , Derek, and Becky went snowmobiling and I played with "potato" (Play-do) with Chelsea.Chelsea liked our kitty

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