Friday, December 5, 2008

Love Hate Relationships

I have a couple of love hate relationships right now:

1) Nifedipine: LOVE that it has stopped contractions for the most part!!! LOVE that it is keeping my baby inside my belly for at least 6 more days!!! HATE how it makes me dizzy, hot, and makes my ankles sore!!! HATE that it makes my heart race like CRAZY, and makes me feel BLAH!!! I'll be excited for my last dose next Wednesday evening!
2) Dirtbiking: LOVE the adrenaline rush, and the excitement it brings!!! LOVE that it is something Eric and I enjoy doing together!!! LOVE the places it takes us!!! HATE wrecks!

Before: Happy Eric enjoying riding

Good Form
Um... I think you can tell this is gonna be bad!

Conclusion: Nifedipine will be out of my life in 6 more days. Dirt biking is probably out for the rest of the season, it is starting to snow anyway.

Morals I've learned: Don't take Nifedipine on an empty stomach - you'll feel like you're going to pass out! Have someone else take pictures of your husband dirt biking, that way the photographer won't be too freaked out to continue snapping pics throughout the crash, and your husband will be overly happy that he has the crash documented in pictures. :) Cheers!

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