Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

This year we spent Christmas at my parents house, which of course was a lot of fun! On Christmas Eve we all put on our new PJs and had our traditional shepherds' meal (cheese, bread, juice, beef stick, grapes, and olives) while we watched the Living Scriptures Nativity Story. After the meal, Eric and I had a slumber party with Camla.On Christmas morning we walked over to Aubrey and Jeremy's house to watch Chelsea and Eli open their presents. Santa got Chelsea a power wheels Jeep and we were excited to see her reaction. Her reaction wasn't ideal. Let's just say she woke up on the wrong side of the bed and wanted nothing to do with the Jeep until after she had had her fill of the chocolates papa and grandma gave her. I've heard reports that she now loves the Jeep and enjoys driving it back and forth in her kitchen. Kids are funny!!At least Eli would get in it :)

Chelsea did enjoy her Belle dress and princess shoes!

Then we all went to my parents to open our presents.

Eli was astonished by Teddy Ruxpin - I was too, I had no idea they made these still!

Handsome Eric - I had to add a pic of him in this post because I just like him so much

Camla is fun to shop for now because she loves clothes - and who doesn't love to buy clothes for a darling teenage girl!!

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