Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter 2010

Yes, I'm just now blogging about Easter. It was wonderful! We spent the morning at our house and then between Conference sessions we headed to my parents for an Easter feast and easter egg hunt. It is always fun spending time with the fam! Camla hid the eggs. Since there were a 4, 2, and 1 year old looking for them, she hid them in easy places. Chelsea LOVED that, because she is the 4 year old, and therefore way more on the ball with finding the eggs than the other two. She was very generous though and shared with the other two.
Reese thought finding eggs was a lot of fun. It was cute to watch her go from "what in the world are we doing" to "ah-hah, we find the eggs and put them in the bag". My dad was cute to help her and carry her bag around.
Eli!! He is so cute. He adores Reese and always wants to hold her. He gives her big hugs and tickles under her chin while saying "tootie, tootie, tootie" (a.k.a. Cutie cutie cutie)
This was her "ah-hah" moment, when she figured out she is supposed to gather up those eggs.

Easter was fantastic, as was conference. I heard SO much about what I've been wondering about in life. I learned how I can be a better mother and wife - now it is time to put those things into practice :)

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