Thursday, April 1, 2010

End of March

So the last couple weeks of March were kind of rough. Reese was getting her molars in and had a nasty cough so she had 4 days of fever and 2 weeks of crankiness. I'm glad that she is finally back to her normal self. She was a little sweetheart though, and much more cuddly. She spent lots of time laying on the couch with one of us and her binky and blanket. Last weekend we were invited to St. George with Micah and Rachel. We didn't even have to think about whether we'd accept the offer. We visited their houses to make sure things were ship shape for them to be put up for sale. Reese LOVED running through the various houses and yards - everything was exciting (a.k.a. new to her).
At one house she climbed into this cubby.

So Eric assisted her into getting into the higher cubbies.

She thought she was pretty cool, and we thought she was too.

I was really bad at taking pictures this trip. We stopped at the Meadow hot springs on the way down. It was night time, but Eric bought a waterproof flashlight so we could snorkel around even though it was dark. We enjoyed spending time with each other and with Micah and Rachel, and amazingly enough, M&R want to do some road trips with us this Summer. That is saying something when you have a kid. I was wondering if this would be the last time we'd be invited to drive in the same car :) Reese is a good little gal though, and I guess her few upset moments/squeals weren't too annoying. Hallelujah.


Alison said...

I sympathize with you on the sick/teething crankiness! We have been in a similar boat here. I'm glad you got lots of cuddle time.
Also, you guys are way "chill" and laid back, and from what I've experienced of you and read about your family on your blog, there's no way your friends would get sick of you. Reese is a lot like you guys and can roll with the punches. She's the adventuring type, too (just look at those pictures!)

Silvia said...

Your baby girl is seriously so cute. I love looking at pictures of her because I feel like she has the funniest personality! But really, she's darling.