Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Projects and growing up

Eric found another project to do.....I'll show you the finished product when it is complete, which could be a while since I'm doing the finishing touches.... Reese is growing up! It is crazy how strong of a personality she has. She is her complete own little person who has all the spunk of a full grown person and she is so good at expressing herself.
She is learning a lot of words. So far:
Mama, Dada, Eric, Dog, Bye, Hi, Hello, Num Nums (food), Here-ya-go (all slurred into one word), Loveya, Eye, Honk Honk (for nose), Ding dong (belly button - maybe that's not the best word to teach her for that? Oh well too late) Animal noises (monkey, dog, and tries to imitate others), and probably some words I can't remember.
She is smart. You tell her to do things and she does them, or you ask her if she wants to do things and she'll get ready to do them (i.e. "Let's go outside" and she'll find shoes and bring them to you, "Wanna brush your teeth/take a bath" and she'll run to the bathroom, "Time for a nap" and she blows kisses to dad and waves and then goes upstairs to her room, she does all the actions to monkeys jumping on the bed, etc.)
She's still small.
Height: 30 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 18 lbs 4 oz (not even on the charts)
The Dr. watched her for a while and said "no wonder she can't gain any weight", she was running back and forth, climbing on and off the chairs in the office (which are armpit height - can you imagine climbing on and off something that was up to your armpits in height??) She was non-stop on the go. That is just how she is. Plus she started walking kind of early so she didn't have the extra couple of months to plump up before starting to walk and lean out. I figure she is just fine. Of course I'm still trying to feed her extra calories and make sure meals are more frequent, but I'm trying not to stress of the weight factor.
Reese is a complete sweet heart. The other day we were at our neighbors the Ericksens'. Bruce is quadriplegic and can only move the tops of his shoulders and up. Whenever Reese sees him or his picture, she starts wiggling her head back and forth, because that is how he plays with her. When we were over there she kept wiggling her head at him and he'd wiggle back. As we were getting ready to leave we told Reese to say bye to Bruce. She waved and blew him the most sincere kisses. It was darling and totally melted his heart. Thanks for being so sweet Reese.


Kristen Sundell said...

She will one day be on the charts. Ellyse is finally registering on the charts now that she is 4. The girls are as light as a feather and I really have given up on them for gaining weight. Reese is so dang cute. I can't wait to see you guys.

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

She is such a doll. We are so excited to finally get to meet her in a month or so! Looking forward to seeing what eric is creating! love and miss you guys!

David and Melissa said...

What a big girl!!! I'm sure excited for that stage! Hopefully we can see you sooner than later. We'll be in our house at the end of the month hopefully. Maybe we'll have dinner!

jenna said...

why are they getting so big?! it's breaking my heart!

reese's hair makes me totally and completely jEALOUS!