Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meadow Hot Springs

Over the weekend we headed to Meadow Hot Springs, but this time my family came along for the fun.

Looking across Deer Creek. Right after this I took a picture of this crazy huge golden eagle that was tearing apart a dead deer. I won't post that pic though because it is blurry and the dead deer isn't the most appetizing thing to see. Reese napped with her phone.
We took a little pit stop when we got to Meadow to wait for the rest of the crew who had to take a pit stop a few miles back. Reese was happy for the break.
It was quite windy and cold out but the water felt great. Reese only lasted in her floaty for a few minutes. It kept her to far out of the water for her to stay sufficiently warm.
Aubrey and Chels - Chels was freaked out by the moss.
Mom, you're so cute!After the kids had had enough, My mom and Aubrey took the kids back to the car to get changed. Thanks guys! And the rest of us stayed behind and snorkeled and dove around. Eric has some crazy good lung capacity. Eric kept diving to the bottom, which is about 25 feet deep and would stay down and explore for a while before coming back up. I'd start getting nervous because I couldn't see him and I couldn't believe that a human being could actually hold their breath that long. I need to do some lung exercises and build some diving confidence up before I attempt going to the bottom :)
Pretty evening
We brought a grill with hotdogs and tinfoil dinners to eat after swimming. But all of us were too hungry, cold, and lazy to make them so we ended up driving to Larry's, a burger joint, just a few minutes away. All of us were pretty hungry so we broke into the snickerdoodles to hold us over on the drive to the restaurant.
I love this picture of my mom. Totally kandid and perfect. Thanks for being such a sweetheart mom.


Terra said...

Way fun! That looks awesome.

Missed you at church. Eric was so nice to let Tryn sit with him the whole first hour! I hope Reese feels better soon!

Kari Ann said...

How fun! You do have a cute mom...and family. We missed seeing you on Sunday, hopefully Reese is feeling better.

Angie said...

Nakita! I can't believe how big your little one is! She is so cute, just like her mama! I love keeping in touch with you through your blog! I'm so happy for you! Now, it's time to get some hot exercise routine tips from you! Seriously, we need to talk!