Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nathan's and Kraut

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day at my parents' house while Eric was out snowmobiling. I always love hanging out there. The cousins got to play together, which is always a party! And and dad cooked us Nathan hotdogs with Sauerkraut. Why am I such a sucker for hotdogs/brats/or the like and sauerkraut? I ate a whole glass jar of sauerkraut almost by myself over the last week or so, and I just bought another jar that I'm guessing will be gone by the end of next week. I just love that pickeled goodness!
Camla had Alissa and Lindsee over and they decided to re-paint the playhouse out back. They came in covered in blue paint, ha ha.

Eric met up with me around six and we went to a wedding reception at an indoor botanical garden in Salt Lake. It smelt so fresh, I loved it. Reese was a good sport even though she hasn't been feeling well the last few days (I don't know if she is actually sick or getting some molars in, which I can only imagine would kill.) They had Barbacoa grill cater it and we ate the most scrumptions tacos! YUM!

Speaking of Reese being sick. She has been having a hard time at night and I get sick of walking into her room every 10 minutes to check on her (usually I let her cry it out a bit if she isn't sick, but when she is feverish and I know she just isn't feeling good, I do go in frequently and try to calm her down.) Anyway, we don't usually let her get in bed with us but the last few nights we've put her in with us around 2 or 3 am. She is hard to sleep with because she gets sideways between Eric and I and lays her head on one of us but kicks the other one in the throat. Then it is constant tossing and turning and searching for her binky. Today she had 5 1/2 hours worth of naps, and I slept 3 of them. Hopefully I'll become more pleasant quickly and my right eye will stop looking like I got punched :) Get better soon Reesey bug.

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