Friday, March 5, 2010

It is already March!

I can't believe it's already March. February went by a little too quick. No worries, I'm CRAZY excited that it is getting closer to warm weather time, but seriously, that was just too quick, that makes us all a whole month older without even thinking - oh boy. We went snowshoeing the other day around our yard to find a place for Eric's friend, Dallas', scout troop to come Winter camp. They will be here tonight, good thing we just got over a foot of snow last night - they'll be able to build snow forts until their little hearts are content. We'll see if we end up with a bunch of shivering boys in our living room tonight. Spaghetti is just a fun food isn't it? I sure wish I could stuff my face like Reese and look as cute as she does. Pretty sure it just isn't that way for adults, or now that I'm thinking about it, anyone over the age of maybe.... 10. We had an etiquette night for YM/YW (you know the one I made dessert for). Well the youth learned etiquette but then had to eat their spaghetti weird ways (like with wrong hand, with some crazy utensil or non-utensil, with hands tied to neighbor, etc) while using their etiquette. One boy had to eat with a potato masher and it was disgustingly funny. He has somewhat long hair and by the end he had it up in a tomato sauce and hamburger pieces filled bun on top of his head. His face was probably stained for the next day at school. Anyway, case in point, 15 year old with spaghetti ALL over him = not so cute, 1 year old = adorable!
Reese has ALWAYS been obsessed with wanting to type on the keyboard. I finally decided to just unplug the USB for the mouse and keyboard so she can sit up at the computer and think she is getting some work done. I'll usually work on the laptop that the monitor is connected to, so the screen looks like she is doing stuff even though I'm really controlling it. She'll sit there for quite a while content, but then I find her climbing on to the desk to reach other things that look interesting or she sees me typing on the laptop and since I'm typing on it it MUST be fun, so she climbs up to try to get it.
Oh she is a busy one. She seriously is into everything and is constantly running - not walking - throughout the house (or wherever we are). I'll pick her up and her heart is always beating SO fast! At least she is faithful at getting her cardio in everyday :)
Eric is a good daddy. Reese is lucky to have him - as am I. It is funny how I knew I wanted to marry him but every single day things come out that really make me grateful that I didn't pass him up. He always amazes me with more and more characteristics that are just so perfect for me. Good thing I trusted my feelings back in September 2007 when I said yes to a perfect proposal, because I learn every day why I was supposed to marry him. He really has everything I had ever thought I wanted and tons that I didn't know that I wanted but am SO glad I now have.

Reese thinks it's cool when daddy lets her work with him.
So yeah, we got SO much snow last night. I honestly out loud said, "Holy Cow, you've got to be kidding me" this morning when Reese and I opened the blinds when we woke up. I guess it is good since we still need more precipitation this year to meet water needs, but man am I ready for it all to melt and be sunny and HOT!
Last night in bed I was trying to convince Eric that I need to live somewhere like Phoenix or Vegas, because I want to be outside all day long. He was telling me that I wouldn't like it because there are a few months there that you can't be outside all day (just like here), but because of extreme heat not extreme cold. I told him, "whatever, I love when it is that hot." Then I realized it was "Late Winter Nakita" talking and it was really late at night (loopy Nakita). But believe you me, I could live somewhere warmer. I like the cold - but only for a month tops.
Eric had a LOT of snowblowing to do this morning. He had been out their two hours when a guy in our ward who plows drives for his job came and finished up for Eric. SO nice.
But don't worry, his kindness won't be in vain (not that it would be anyway). He will be benefiting from the baking I did today.

There is a family in our ward for whose kids I've made a tradition of making a big cookie for their birthday. Well I've gotten very far behind. So there are BRINKLEY cookies for the 1 year old who turned 1 in September (yep I'm that far behind. The baseball is for the boy who had his birthday in October, and the big cake is for the 14 year old girl who had her birthday two days ago. The little cake is for a lady in our ward who has a birthday on Sunday and the Thank You cookies will go to nice Wes who plowed our driveway.


Terra said...

That snow storm sucked! But at least it all melted the same day... well at least at our house it did. Reese is adorable. Oh and, I guess when one of us gets a huge awesome cookie we will know you really do love us :) Those cookies are really cute.

Kristen Sundell said...

Reese is looking so much older, and getting cuter by the day.

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Your cookies are cute! Reese is so big and cute! I can't believe where 2009 went. it seems like we were pregnant just yesterday.