Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Eric had his 33rd birthday on April 28th. We kind of spread out the celebration. On the day of his birthday we decided to head down to the Meadow hot springs with Scuba gear so we could explore it better without worrying about running out of breath. My sister and parents watched Reese, which was MUCH appreciated because the whole time we were at the hot springs it was snowing like crazy, so I'm thinking Reese wouldn't have enjoyed herself much due to the fact that she would've been freezing since she wouldn't be spending the majority of her time under the water. We had a ton of fun and it was cool exploring the bottom of the spring.

The next day we did a little birthday dinner at home, on Friday we had a birthday dinner with friends in Provo at Olive Garden, and on Saturday we finally had ice cream with yummy homemade fudge sauce so he could blow out a candle :)

I really love this guy. He is the perfect man for me. I love that we are the best of friends and like to spend as much time together as possible. He is a fantastic person to learn how to be parents with, full of good ideas and wisdom. He makes me a better person and makes me feel "at home". I love everyday I get to spend with him and am excited for this year (and forever) that I'll get to experience even more with him. Happy Birthday Eric!

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