Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beach Time

We spent a lot of time at beaches while on the island. On the first day we went down to Maple Bay with Eric's brother Jacob and his family. EASY entertainment for everyone involved!
Our nephew Jackson is fearless and decided that even though the water is freezing he'd like to get in and find creatures. He is super funny and knows all sorts of big words and info on all the sea creatures.
Reese tried to share the sand with Ava, but the sand was old news to Ava.There are miniature crabs EVERYWHERE! At first they sort of creeped me out because they look like enlarged tics, but after seeing Reese and all the other kiddos sit down in swarms of them I decided they must not be too bad. There were lots of jellyfish too. Lots were on the sand from the tide having gone down.
Ever seen a sunfish? Eric and Jackson kept bring huge starfish and sunfish onto the dock for us all to see. They are pretty cool.
One of the sunfish was eating a jellyfish when they brought it onto the deck. Jackson gave the sunfish a squid egg. It was cool to watch it's tenticles move the squid egg to its mouth and then decide it didn't want it and move it away and off of its body. Its tenticles would also take away anything unedible, like pieces of coral, weird that there is a brain behind those tenticles.
We walked up and down the beach for hours. The guys would flip big rocks to uncover big crabs. Jackson was once again fearless. He would pick up the big crabs and even if they pinched him he wouldn't drop them, just readjust. It was unbelievable how ok he was with them.
Reese thoroughly enjoyed all the attention she got, and all the freedom she had while on the beach.

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