Thursday, June 3, 2010


Another favorite of ours, when we are visiting Eric's homeland, is to go kayaking. We usually take off from Mr. Chase's (The Ellis' adopted grandpa) house on the beach and kayak out from there. It was so much fun as always with added awesomeness.

I finally got to meet Mr. Chase. He turns 100 this September and he took us on a tour of his house. He has all kinds of awesome things. Get this, his dad was in the Civil War. Who is alive that has a dad that was in the Civil War? Mr. Chase, that's who. His father enlisted when he was 13 and had Mr. Chase when he was 60. Crazy! Anyway, his house is full of all kinds of history and stories, it was SO enjoyable. I hope somebody is writing a history for him so his stories and memories can live on.

Reese LOVED kayaking, so much so that after about 5 minutes she feel asleep for the rest of the time :) Also seen on the kayak trip: a seal (I've always wanted to see one of those cuties in the wild), and a huge crane (I think that's what it was).


David and Melissa said...

What a beautiful place!

Karyn Mac said...

So pretty. Plus you have easy access to the water in case the morning sickness strikes.