Monday, June 14, 2010

The L-O-N-G but beautiful drive home

Our trip home began at 4:30 am one day and ended at 6:00 am the next day. SUCH a long day and actually stayed awake for all of it. I felt so sick. We decided to drive through the Cascades which adds on 4 hours to the trip, but I'm so glad we did because honestly when else will we want to do it? I'm guessing the desire will decrease the more kids we have, especially as they get older and can say over and over "are we there yet?" It was BEAUTIFUL!
The Cascades are known as the American Alps. They were pretty awesome!
We made lots of fun stops to "sight see".
One town we drove through, Winthrop, was completely done up in old western style. I'm thinking it may have been used as a set for some country western movies.
So there was one of these funny things to stick your heads through and take your picture. Well, the span between where I had to stand to have my face in one hole and the hole where Reese's head was supposed to go was pretty far, so a friendly construction worker came behind the thing and helped hold Reese up for the picture. She FREAKED, I felt bad that she got so scared by the guy. But it did make for kind of a funny picture.
At one point on our drive home I was freaked out because we were pretty much out of gas and forever away from any big cities. Luckily we found a little town that had a "gas station". It was actually just a tank of gas with gas pumps connected to it. While we were filling up we saw a cool little wind storm thing that looked like a mini tornado. We were also STARVING at this point and enjoyed a yummy Snickers and a couple Sobe's.
Reese was a little more restless on the drive home but was still really good. What a little princess.

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