Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cascade Springs

While Eric's family was all in town we had a "family day" up at my family's cabin near Sundance. In the morning we went to Cascade Springs and walked around. It is so pretty up there. Reese wanted to touch all the water, and with help from Eric got to touch it in quite a few places. Reese and her cousin Lily. Reese loved having tons of cousins around all week and I liked watching them all get to know each other.
Happy to be free, like always!
More water touching.
Group shot of those who made it to Cascade Springs. Kristen and Rachel stayed behind with their little babies.
Reese loves to hold hands with 2 people and then jump and drag.Again, free = happy Reese. Now you may understand why church can be a bit of a challenge.You can't really tell in this picture but Eric was teaching Reese how to spread her wings and fly in the wind. She thought it was pretty funny.
We love having Camla around to hang out. She is always a hoot.
Reese on the drive back to the cabin.


David and Melissa said...

You take great pictures. Have you thought about getting into photography? I love Cascade Springs. It's so pretty.

Cason and Marie said...

I love her hair with a little half up ponytail. ( is that what you call it?) That looks like such a pretty day!