Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Sand

Reese LOVES (I wish I could emphasize this word more) the sand. She would play in sand/dirt all day long if I'd let her. My parents put up a pool in a portion of their backyard every Summer. Underneath where the pool goes is a ton of sand. Eric took the tarp off of the sand and raked the sand to get it ready for the pool and the kids were in heaven for the few days it wasn't covered in a pool.

Now that that sand pit is gone Reese sits herself down in a little dirt hole by the side of my parents shed and digs with her shovel. She loves that just the same.
Giving the kids cups and plastic utensils to play with was a great idea, except that Reese loves sand (maybe the grit, like me, but who knows maybe she likes the taste too) and MANY times I'd catch her putting full spoonfuls of sand in her mouth. Needless to say the sand that when in her mouth had to come out, so she had sand filled diapers quite often.
iI love living so close to my sister Aubrey. We get to hang out while our kids play. Even with the age gap, Chelsea and Reese play well together.

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