Monday, June 14, 2010

Searching for rocks and sea glass

One day we went and hung out at a beach in Victoria and searched for cool rocks and sea glass. I love pebble beaches. The pebbles just fall off of your skin when you rub them - much easier cleanup than sand.Victoria, maybe Canada in general, is very liberal. It is kind of odd, those who have same sex tendencies fight to get married but heterosexuals would rather just be "life partners". The reason we went to Canada was for Eric's friend's wedding. I had a few awkward moments at the wedding and wedding dinner when I suspected certain people as someone else's husband/wife but then was told that they weren't husband and wife, but rather "life partners". I don't understand that mentality, if you are wanting to be together for life, what is wrong with the committment of marriage? After so many experiences with this mentality within a couple of days I was feeling bitter about the idea of maybe one day living there. Then Rachel, my sister in law, told me that the government supports having children because Canada is underpopulated so they pay you for having children. Ok, I guess there are some perks to living there?

Anyway, at this beach there were like a billion couples with their dogs. It seemed that the majority of couples have dogs, not children. Once again - I don't understand this, unless you can't have kids and don't have the means to adopt, but whatever. Luckily the dogs were all friendly.
I love this little peanut. She really is the easiest kid and just so much fun.
We loved getting to hang out with Jacob and Rachel and getting to know their cute kiddos again. Oliver and Ava (the twins) are so grown up it is crazy!
Searching for rocks.

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