Thursday, May 13, 2010


So many things are changing right now and I have so many blog posts to catch up on! I need to locate my camera cord, but then I'll do some more updating. As for the changes, we moved out of our house so that we can rent it out. We are now in my parents basement and got a letter yesterday telling us we could move into the housing in SLC July 1st. It is a blast living in my parents' basement. We are having so much fun spending tons of time with family and Reese is in heaven with friends all around her and unlimited access to a nicely grassed, warm backyard [except for today since it is raining :(], dogs, and little chicks that my sister is raising. I am going to be VERY sad to move away from everyone, not that it is that far, but I know that even that far is too far many times. It will be good though because Eric will be in SLC all the time and I definitely want to be able to see him more than an hour a day.

Other than that, I seem to be getting over the morning sickness. I think my belly is expanding at a much quicker rate than when I was prego with Reese. I need to check pics from my last pregnancy to see if it's true. I'm seeing a midwife this time around with the goal of going all naturale - very excited and confident about that. We found Hoover (our cat) a home. Coincidentally my cousin was looking for a cat to get rid of rat problems, so I called her up and she was happy to take Hoovs. I was relieved. Eric is loving his internship and work, and getting all kinds of good experience. I've enjoyed a couple motorcycle rides with him over the past week. Living in the city facilitates ease of using his motorcycle. I feel like we're dating all over again when we go on rides because that was our primary means of transportation while dating. Reese is amazing. She is so fun and at such a great age for summer time. She just loves playing outside all day and it is nice that she walks/runs so well so she can entertain herself a ton. I love that she gets to play with her cousins daily. She ADORES them and I like seeing her play so well with them (you always worry when they are an only child).

Anyway, things are great. We are busy and are leaving to Canada this week for a short vacation, but I will be updating asap.


Alison said...

Well, even though you are moving away from everyone, you'll be moving much closer to me! I am excited, and I'm hoping we'll get to hang out a lot.

Cason and Marie said...

I don't know if I already told you congrats, so Congratulations!! How exciting. Have fun in Canada!