Monday, September 20, 2010


Aubrey and Jeremy invited us to hang out at Jer's family's cabin 2 weekends ago. We had a LOT of fun!

In the picture below, I told Reese to let me see her teeth while she smiled. This is what I got :) It is the same mouth formation she makes when saying "juice", "shoes", or "teeth".

I love how Reese and my dad are smiling at each other in this picture. They are GREAT friends!

Reese wanted to ride on the 4 wheelers over and over. So we pretty much did just that.

On our way back to SLC we stopped at a little reservoir. Dan decided he wanted to jump into the COLD water.

Thanks Aubs and Jer for the fun weekend. It was a BLAST!


Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Reese is soooo cute! I know I always say that! but she is! and you look so good. I haven't seen a pic for awhile with your big belly. You look so pretty preggers, and you have that glow :)

 Natalie said...

So fun! I love vacations with the Messiks (and Botts and Ellis)