Thursday, September 30, 2010

Memories not to be forgotten

At least a year ago my dad went to some sort of training for work and met a guy who is Big Kenny's (from Big and Rich - one of my all time favorite country bands) childhood friend and now works with him (maybe is his manager or something). Big Kenny's friend found out that my dad is a HUGE fan and has invited him multiple times to different concerts. My dad was finally able to take him up on an offer because the concert was in SLC. Big Kenny's friend got backstage and the full works passes for my dad, mom, aubrey, me, and Eric. It was so much fun! They fed us Rubio's, which is delicious by the way, and then we got to go back stage and meet Big Kenny to get autographs, pictures, etc. Next was the concert and it didn't disappoint. He is a GREAT entertainer! And I love his music :) Plus, the crowd was also entertaining - a.k.a. drunk 50 year olds who were dancing around like they were hyper 13 year olds.
A couple months ago me and Aubrey decided to take our kids to Papa's office to visit him. Well he made the trip so fun that the kids probably think Papa's work is the most magical place on earth. He took them over to get lunch at the cougareat, then to the candy store to pick out a bag of candy each, then he took them on a tour of the police station. Next we visited his friend Arnie who gave each of the kids a HUGE teddy bear. When I was little we'd go visit Arnie and he'd give us each a penny, nickel, or dime and then tell us that our dad would go take us to the ice cream shop to get ice cream with the money :) Good trick!
Let's just say Reese is s HUGE fan of her papa. She LOVES his closet and always drags him in there, sits on the big blue chair, and waits for him to bring canisters of candy for her to pick out what she wants. She always picks the little mints - this girl is a mint addict (toothpaste, mints, gum, mint ice cream....)She's now learned that she can take a lot of mints at a time and stick them in her pocket so she has a stash for the next hour or so. Eric went on a bike relay from SLC to St. George with his cousins. Their transportation for those not riding was cousin Micah's bus. I was so excited to go until I learned that the A/C didn't work, no one else was bringing kids, and the weather was looking hot. I decided to stay with my parents because I was pretty sure me + reese + Massive amounts of heat - sleep = no one wanting us to ever join them on a trip again :) It was probably a good idea, although I was sad I missed out on hanging out with such good company. It ended up being quite a rainy weekend and I loved every bit of it. It felt so nice to be cool in the midst of summer.

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Lindsay said...

You are seriously the cutest! You look so great Nakita! And that little Reese is adorable!!!!!!!!!