Monday, September 27, 2010

Loving September

We've been spending quite a bit of time outside, especially on the days it isn't so blasted hot. I know I should be LOVING the extreme heat, but being as pregnant (aka running 30 degrees warmer than everyone else) as I am, I haven't been loving the heat as much as normal. Eric usually makes comments on our ice box (bedroom) at nights, to which I just rollover my large and in charge belly that is lying on top of the covers and contemplate whether I'll be able to fall asleep if the temperature doesn't continue to drop.

Anyway, back to hanging out outside on the nice days. Reese loves playing with the bike and trailer, and I love when she pulls off a crooked smile :) Reese is very into manipulating things open, whether that is screwing lids on and off, using her teeth to pry things open, or trying to figure out how to use a combination lock.
I seriously can't get enough of this cute little body! I am almost tempted to start potty training her simply so she can wear little girl underwear and her pants will form so cute to an undiapered and tiny bum.

Today Reese hit me while I was putting her in the car. I explained that I don't hit her because it isn't nice, so she shouldn't hit mommy either. She got a pouty lip and started crying (she is a sensitive soul when it comes to getting in "trouble"). After the 1 1/2 minute drive home I got the groceries out of the car and then opened the door by her carseat. I asked, "are you ready to be nice?". She nodded her head and said, "nice". I asked, "can you say sorry?" To which she adorably responded, "sorry". I said, "can you give mommy a kiss?" She puckered her lips, like you see below, and when I was about a half inch from her face she unpuckered and turned her face away. I just had to laugh, that is so Reese. Never giving out those kisses freely, except to the pictures of Jesus around the house. I hope she keeps that trait late into her teenage years!


Karly said...

I love that kissy face. What a beautiful girl!

Kristen Sundell said...

very very VERY cute. I love the puckered lip one too.