Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Eric!

 Good morning starshine. How about some scones for breakfast??
And then maybe you can take a break for once, seeing as you've been so busy with finals and such.
 Reese will enjoy the sunshine with you! And after you feel rejuvinated, we'll go run some errands while on a leisurly walk in the nice warm weather.
 Then we'll go with your parents on a hike up Ensign Peak. We'll even spot a tarantula, just because it is your birthday :) YIKES!

Then your parents are going to take us all to Smash Burger for some greasy deliciousness and fantastic conversation.
 As you know, no one can outdo Dairy Queen's ice cream cakes, so we'll get you one of those to enjoy.

 And then you can help the little girls do their hair.
Sound exciting?

May not have been anything exotic, and the "surprise" motocross date I had planned for us the next evening got rained/snowed out - but I hope you know we love you more than anything and we hope you felt extra special on your birthday.

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