Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The last few days we've struggled with naptime. It's been a fight to get Reese to finally fall asleep. Today, after many attempts and quite a bit of lapsed time, I said heck with it and let her stay up. I googled when kids typically stop napping, and the majority stop by the time they're 3. Just last week I thought to myself, "this girl definitely still needs her naps". But then this week I've had my doubts.

Well, looks like she can't last a whole day without a nap. I turned on a movie a little after 3 while I started preparing dinner. Within 3 minutes Reese said, "Mom, I, I cold, blankie??" I got her her beloved blanket and asked her if she wanted to go sit on the couch. She said, "mommy do it?" So I carried her over. I walked over to the kitchen and then looked back at her maybe 15 seconds later and this is what I saw. Haha, tired little girl, you still need your naps.

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Rachel and Todd said...

What a cute, cute family you have, Nakita! Haha, Henry's on the same wave length as Reese. He swears he's not tired and then . . . crash. They don't want to miss a minute! And why would Reese, you do so many fun things together!!