Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I now understand why mothers are so protective of their sons when it comes to dating and such. For so long you are the only girl in their life and they adore you, but one day another girl catches their eye and your no longer the only one. I know that day will come too soon, but for now I'll just snuggle and kiss his chubby little face all I can and not worry about that day.

 Reese likes to do her make-up while I do mine. She found the blush today, showed Ivan how to apply it to her cheeks...
 and then applied it to his.
The weather is beautiful today, and since this semester is winding down, our whole family was able to enjoy some play/relax time, and lunch on the lawn. Reese liked playing in her jungle-gym-turned-into-fort and Ivan got to laze in the hammock with Eric.
 Ivan is the smiliest little kid I know! He gives them out freely, which familiars and strangers thoroughly appreciate!
 Father - child time melts my heart more than ANYTHING!

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Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness I have never seen a cuter smile before in my life! Look at that face! He is by far the most darling boy ever. Love him! Did your painting arrive, btw?