Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hanging out

Mid March was full of excitement. Mostly because Jeremiah convinced Eric to go into a certain canyon while snowmobiling :) It ended in both of their sleds getting stuck in the heavy wet snow, them hiking up a mountainside and along a trail for approximately 8 miles until their rescuers (Micah and Dallas) picked them up on different snowmobiles and took them the remaining 13 miles to their vehicle. 

Then.....they had to wait a week or two for the snow to melt a little and then for it to become cold again so that they'd be able to get their sleds out. So while Eric, Jeremiah, Dallas, and one other friend were slowly winching the sleds out of their stuck positions, me and the kids relaxed at my parents. My kids LOVE their cousins!!! And their papa and grandma!

These two are moving to Alaska for the Summer! So exciting for them! I get a kick out of hanging out with them. They are filled with young love and high hopes! SO refreshing!!

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