Saturday, March 17, 2012

Volcanoes and Bikes

We learned about volcanoes the other day. After watching some youtube videos on them we built one out of salt dough. We walked around the neighborhood and gathered "greenery" and such to make it more fun. Reese quite liked the baking soda/ vinegar reaction.

I look at this face and think, "how do I ever get upset with her?" 

She learned last month to pedal! The motion clicked and now she LOVES riding her bike all over. Thankfully the weather has been nice so we can spend a good portion of the day outside riding bikes. Ivan gets jealous of Reese's big bike, so she is nice and lets him have turns while she races around on his little tikes bike.
And yes, she dresses herself most days. I don't know that I'd put these 2 patterns together myself, but it actually turned out kind of cute. If this skirt is clean she picks it without fail. Good thing it is size 6 - 9 months :)

We bought her a princess helmet this week because she is getting pretty quick on her bike now, and thankfully she loves wearing it.

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Jayne said...

Reese just keeps getting more and more beautiful - that first photo is priceless!