Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hawaii 2012: part 2

We enjoyed a few hikes while on vacation. Somehow Micah & Rachel got led astray on one of the hikes and we got led astray on another. Glad we all pay great attention to signs :)

On this particular hike Micah and Rachel ended up at a golf course and we ended up at the destination. 

 Eric and I went for a drive one day to check out Hanauma bay and some other stuff. The scenery is so gorgeous!!

 On the left of this picture is the blowhole. As the waves come in, water blows through a hole in the rocks and makes for a pretty spray.

 We checked out Pearl Harbor. It is super touching reading the quotes from those who were there during the attack and seeing pictures of the aftermath.
Kaylyn was the only wee one who came along on this trip. Eric and I left ours with my parents and siblings. We sure did miss them, especially since we were surrounded by cute kids most of the trip, but we were glad Kaylyn could quench our desires for our kids a bit.

 The Polynesian Cultural Center was really cool. We missed a couple of the "countries" because we were having a hard time figuring out the map, so that was too bad, but we were REALLY impressed with what we did see!

Eric making fire - he did get it to smoke.
 Spear throwing. We both enjoyed this one.
 Eric "Canada" got called up to do the drums. It was ENTERTAINING! He was a good sport and it was extremely fun to see him out of his element yet totally comfortable.

Jayne and Ellie with the main characters during the PCC night show
 This is the hike where we got the short end of the stick. The hike was supposed to be about 3 1/2 miles round trip. No big deal right? So we were in our flip flops, I had a shoulder sling purse with 2 water bottles and some sunscreen in it, and Eric had the camera.

This is at the beginning of the hike where we were still with Micah & Rachel and were on the right trail :)
 At this point we're on our own and are thinking, "we must be getting close! I don't totally see where the waterfall would be but we've gotta be close".

 At least it was a pretty jaunt and I had the most enjoyable company!

 Now we are starting to wonder. The trail is no more and we decide to hike 15 more minutes before turning around. At this point we've been hiking much longer than you'd imagine a 1 3/4 mile one way hike to take.
Well....eventually we turn around and head back. Then after a long walk back we come to this sign near the beginning of the trail. NICE! We just hiked at least 11 1/2 miles!! But hello! We want to see our original destination. So we hike the correct trail, which is completely muddy, rooty, and slippery, while completely exhausted.

BUT...we got to the destination!
So, although we didn't plan on doing a 1/2 marathon + hike that day, we felt accomplished!! Even if the original destination was a dried up waterfall :)

The yard next to the trail head had a nice big boar for a pet. Wonder if he's being fattened up for a Luau??
I have a hard time remembering the names of all the places we went but I  believe this is called Waiamea Bay. We spent a few afternoons there snorkeling, jumping off the rocks, and playing in huge waves one of the days. The wave day was by far my favorite. I felt like a little kid again! That was the day I was most grateful to be without kids on the trip. The waves would have scared me with little kids, but instead Eric and I just played and played and got smacked to the ground and the wind knocked out of us multiple times. It was full of hilarious moments and I seriously haven't laughed so hard in a long time!

Eric & I
Rachel - who is always up for whatever and way more daring that I would've ever known!

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