Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hawaii - Part 3

You are probably aware that food is one of my favorite things about traveling. New flavors, new dishes, being served and cleaned up after - heaven! 

YUMMY coconut shrimp and delicious bleu cheese burgers and fries!
 Duke's in Waikiki - fish sandwich, and HULA pie! YUM!!! 

 Happy little family. Look at Kaylyn's face!!
 This pie is gigantic and SO delicious. I think the ice cream is macadamia nut flavored, and then it has an oreo cookie crust, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and chopped macadamia nuts.

Statue of Duke, legendary surfer, that the restaurant is named after.
 Matsumoto's Shaved Ice - ate it when we were already stuffed but still divine. There's always room for shaved ice right??
We tried to hit up a farmer's market, but for some reason it wasn't taking place so instead we went to a cocoa plant that is in the area. They grow cocoa and coffee beans, dry them, process them, etc. Some are turned into chocolate (Guittard none the less, one of my favorite brands of chocolate chips), some are turned into other products. We went on a mini tour and got to try roasted cocoa beans, which I loved, but Rachel hated - I think she almost threw it up. We bought a $6 mini brick of milk chocolate and split it 4 ways :) All in the name of vacation!
 The drying process stinks like fermentation. Weird to think this ends up being something so delectable.
 A cocoa bean pod

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